C Bar C Ranch
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C Bar C Ranch was purchased by A.E. Wease and Charles Clark in January 1951, and in one year, the farm was rebuilt into one of the most attractive in the area. Our home is a 1920s home that came out of a Sears and Roebuck catalog. All of the improvements made in 1951 made the property the Balanced Farming Contest winner.

The original land had 211 acres, and raised Hereford cattle, and pigs and hogs. 140 acres were in cultivation, including land in alfalfa, rye and permanent pasture.

Currently, C Bar C Ranch has 120 acres, and breed registered Santa Gertrudis cattle. In 1990, we bought our first registered bull from Hampton Hills Santa Gertrudis, and in 1992, we went to a strictly registered herd. We have driven many miles, and utilized artificial insemination to find animals that will put us in the forefront of the breed. We are raising 40 registered Santa Gertrudis cows with a number of calves here at any time.

C Bar C Ranch is currently owned by Alan Clark (son of Charles, grandson of A.E. Wease) and his wife Sherry.

In addition to Alan and Sherry, they have three children and four grandsons: Marie, Bud, and Sarah are their children. David, Walter, Paul and Lucas are the grandchildren.

Bud is involved in a lot of the managerial duties of C Bar C Ranch. He has been showing for the C-C brand since the first registered females were purchased in 1992, and has also started a herd of his own, which is run with the C Bar C herd.

Alan, Sherry & Sarah Clark
5901 Big River Heights Rd 
De Soto, MO 63020

Bud & Kelly Clark
5905 Big River Heights Rd
De Soto, MO 63020